About this project ...

Welcome to the Twin Cities Passion Walk, a guided reenactment of the last hours of Jesus' life through local streets in Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

This project is the result of several years of:
* wanting to experience the final hours of Jesus' passion in a meaningful and deep way
* a hope for experimental ways of doing “church” and “worship” differently
* my love for walking in the city

Each neighborhood map begins at a restaurant.  From there, we are invited to “walk” Jesus' final hours, from the last supper, to the questions before the council and Herod and Pilate, and finally to Jesus' crucifixion and death.  Each map has suggested directions and stops, which imitate as best possible the locations of each scripture passage indicated for it.

Dinner and the following walk is estimated at about two hours.  (Remember the golden rule of church groups at a restaurant:  they will know we are Christians by our tips!)

Done by an individual, this can be a journey of private reflection and meditation.  Undertaken by a group, especially a worshipping community, the Passion Walk can be a new space for experiencing and discussing the events of the last hours of Jesus' life – both what it meant for the first followers of Jesus, and what it means for us today.